thats_miss_cunt (thats_miss_cunt) wrote in hamster_place,

serious help

the first night i got my hamster...
just 27 days old...

it was dropped and hide under the
couch. my mother and i finally
got a hold of it, but the poor
thing was squealing so bad in
my hands, i was literally
shaking. it calmed down a bit
and i put it in her new cage..

now whenever she hears me,
she runs up her tube or if
i open the top part of her cage
she runs down her tube and away
from me. i tried to get her
but she gets in defensive mode
and either stands up or rolls
onto her belly...

i dont know what the do. i
dont wanther to be afraid of
me, but it looks like she is
so scared that she wants
nothing to do with me.. i dont
blame her... her first night
here was horrible....

</3 lost
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