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Hello! I am new here and I thought I should post!

Hi everyone, I am new here, and I have am basically a new owner. I have a male, syrian hamster named Carmelo. I do not know how old he is but he is probably older...he is a spoiled hamster. He lives in a 20 gallon tank with a happy hut, water, food dish, treat dish, hartz pine shavings, tunnel that he can chew on, and a wodent exercise wheel...He gets treats all the time and he is so sweet! He lets me kiss him and all sorts of stuff...I got him as a easter gift and got him early at April 13th, 2006. He is my first hamster and I know quite alot about them because I researched alot!

Question: In your opinion:
What is the best hamster food and brand?
What is the best bedding and brand?
Any treats that you like for your hamster?

I have a treat dish that I put 1 small piece of wheat bread, 2-3 small dried pasta pieces, 1 small bit of carrot, 2 small bits of cheese, 2 milk and honey treats(when i have them), 1 small piece of tomatoe, 1 small piece of celery, sometimes a small piece of banana or apple and 2-3 small unshelled unsalted sun flower seeds. Is that too much food to give him daily? I also have his seeds too...

What a great community this is!

Thanks for your time!
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