solsken (_unsure) wrote in hamster_place,

Baby dwarfs up for adoption!!!

Can anyone in the San Francisco, CA area take on some dwarf hamsters? I found this ad for free hamsters - to quote:

"One of my male dwarf hamsters got into the cage with all of the other females and got them all pregnant. Thus the horde of Dwarf Hamsters have arrived. I am giving them away for free because they are much more bothersome than I can afford and if I could I would pay someone to take them away... I know what people may want little rodents for so for food or for pets, please take them."

I contacted the poster and she said she has approximately 25 at the moment, ranging from 2 weeks old (those she would give away with the mother) to 4 months and beyond. I really don't want to see them end up as snake food, so please pass this on. (Also, if you're somewhere on the way between San Francisco and Los Angeles and think you could give a good home to one or more, please comment about that too, just in case I'm able to make it up there this weekend.)

Thank you!
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