rubicat (rubicat) wrote in hamster_place,

need hamsters!

Hi! *waves*

I am a pet photographer near Boston, Massachusetts, and I am providing photography for an upcoming book on hamster care. I need models! I do not have hamsters of my own, so I am hoping to find people in my area who will let me come over for a couple of hours and photograph their hamster, or drop their hamster(s) off at my place for a day. (I can care for a hamster, so yours would be safe).

My pet photography portfolio is here:

In exchange for letting me photograph your hamster, I would provide a CD of images. I need to get this done ASAP, so please comment or email me at tammy @rubicat .com (take out the spaces) if you would like to make your hamster famous! :)

(my apologies if this post is inappropriate for this community.)
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