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Chubby Hammie (the site I am using for reference)

I noticed that since it has gotten colder my hammie has been more active :/ weirdo.
My gerbil is slowing down and sleeping more.

He is never out in the morning but was this morning and so I took him out. He is CHUBBY! He has a silent spinner wheel in his cage, he gets almost daily ball time about 10 minutes. He only gets lettuce, egg and the occasional half of a carrot for a treat. We do not give him that yougurt stuff or sugary foods. We used to feed him Hartz Hamster Food from walmart but was reading and saw it was bad stuff plus Hartz has alot of bad press. We now shop at our local feed store/tractor supply.

The best food they have is Bonanza Bounti Buffet Hamster and Gerbil Mix. We bought some because it looked good in the bag.
It has 14% protein, 9% fiber, 6% fat. The first few ingredients were Whole corn, wheat middlings, wheat and oat grains, yellow split peas, soybean meal, flaked wheat, trapper peas, alfalfa meal, dehydrated banana, almond flakes, dehydrated papaya, brewers yeast, coconut flakes, egg flakes and then the vitamins and things I cannot pronounce. looks like this!

I have a gram and ounce scale so I weighed him. I placed a cup on the scale it weighed one gram, then put him in the cup and the scale went to 155grams. So my chub miester weighs 154 grams about.

According the site I listed above: an adult male hamster should weigh 85-130 g

What am I doing wrong?
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