Amanda Sue (limedpanda) wrote in hamster_place,
Amanda Sue

chewing on cage

I got a teddy bear hamster a little over a month ago. Lately she has been chewing on the metal bars of her cage, does anyone know of how to stop her from doing this? I don't want her to hurt herself (sometimes when she does it she is lifting her feet up, putting all pressure on the teeth, I'm sure her teeth are strong but not THAT strong). I've tried everything minus getting a new cage which I can't afford. She has a few toys in the cage, a wheel and a tp tube. she also has a small strawberry hut. Every day I take her out and play with her as well as let her run around in her plastic ball. It was suggested that she didn't have enough to chew on so she has a wood cube and a puppy bone but she won't chew on them, she will only chew on the cage. Is there something that I'm overlooking that can solve my problem? thanks.
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